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We have already worked with some great companies, and we think you should join them in your search for top talent.

Temporary Work

‘Gil’ recruits experienced and motivated employees for your company (mainly from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe).

Regardless of the economic situation, especially in the Corona times, temporary work enables you to work productively and, at the same time, remain flexible.

This gives you the opportunity to make full use of good order situations and thus to pursue all your customer requests since we will provide you with additional workers for this period.

“Reliable Top Performance”

The employees that we lend to your company as part of an employee leasing contract are permanently employed by us and receive a monthly wage from us, which is based on the tariff of the Federal Employers’ Association. We will invoice you based on the hourly rate for the services rendered by our employees in your company.

We also take care of the transport and accommodation of the employees. You only pay for the work done.

More than 150 employees from various areas are at your disposal.

Temporary Work – Easy As 1, 2, 3


Establish goals and required qualifications

Define the area of responsibility and the necessary qualification of the employee.


Define Schedule

Define the schedule, the desired start time and the boundary conditions (shift plan, etc.) for the resources required.


Make an appointment with us

After that, the on-site conditions and the area of activity are inspected by us. Regarding the contract, we look for the right employees and take care of the rest (accommodation, transport, training, etc.)


Why should you choose us


The entire project is accompanied by a project manager and “on-site” contact person.


The foreman usually speaks German, but at least English.

Project Manager

In addition to the foreman, the project is also generally accompanied by a project manager (fluent in German and English).

Member IGZ

As a member of IGZ (Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeit e.V.), we are always up to date on temporary work (see certificate).

Certified Employees

The employees we use have been checked by us and meet the specified requirements.

Dynamic Action

If your conditions or requirements change, we try to be flexible in adapting them.


“The cooperation with GIL has always been successful. Our personnel requirements were always covered quickly and flawlessly.”

"Gil GmbH always works in a goal-oriented, reliable and fast manner."

"The Gil professionals assigned to us have proven to be very competent and reliable."

"The projects were accompanied by Gil in a professional manner and in accordance with all our wishes."

“The motto at Gil: fast, competent and reliable. Fits perfectly."